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Mark Ramsey: Links you need

Guys I jam with

Wear That Shoe

I have enjoyed playing keys with this Texas based Christian Rock band. Due to the talent of the three songwrtiters in the group, we have some extremely creative and original music. Styles range from classic rock to blues/jazz to folk/country. We even have a Latin Merengue track on the CD. You really should check it out.

Barry Bynum

Barry is a founding member of the 70's Christian Rock band Liberation Suite, and of course, Wear That Shoe. He's from Texas and he's back here now, but while living in Northern Ireland in the 1990's he cut two albums: "Stickin' Your Neck Out" and "To You." This guy is Texas's best kept secret! These CDs feature all of the songwriting, singing, guitar playing, arranging and producing talents that make Barry one of my favorite musicians to listen to. You gotta hear this.

Amy Hall

Amy is an incredible singer songwriter from San Marcos Texas. She is a primary creative force in Wear That Shoe. You need to listen to her songs when you can really focus on the lyrics. You don't want to miss it.

Burnett Jones

These guys are really writing some solid songs. This a great Texas country band. I played keys on just two tracks on the CD while my brother played drums. However I have drummed most of their live shows. They are a lot of fun live. I can't wait to hear the next album.

Cold River Blues Band

Sometimes I like to get out into the Texas Hill Country and play some blues. I've had a lot of fun doing that over the years with these guys. While they do play a lot of blues they can rock out as good as anyone when it comes time. Once again, my brother John on drums.

Austin Drum Lab

Tony Miller is a great drummer and singer/ songwriter. I have played several gigs with him and led worship with as the leader and also as the drummer. He is the guest drummer on my CD First Take.

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Mark Ramsey - keyboard player
The Ramsey Moore Project

A Jazz combo I gig with sometimes